About Me

Hey You!
I'm Nekiah - but everyone calls me Kiah. The first question I'm always asked is, "what are you?" So, let's just get that out the way. I'm half Native American (Dad) and half Black (Mom). I'm a believer in Jesus Christ, Wife, Mom (human and dog), and a member of Corporate America.

I've always been in love with fashion but I was born on an Indian Reservation where it was not available. Growing up I looked through my mom's fashion magazines for inspiration, then I created outfits with what I had in my closet. When I left the "Rez" and moved to the "City" I went crazy for fashion! If I had to categorize my style, I would call it classically chic with a spoon full of drama. I live for accessories! 

I decided to start this blog to share my love of fashion. I also felt the need to be a voice and face of BIPOC in social media because representation matters. I want to inspire and encourage you to love yourself. PERIOD! The current shape or size of your body should not prevent you from loving fashion, being stylish or being seen.

I believe the key to great style is finding inspiration, being creative and displaying confidence. I hope you are inspired by me!