December 18, 2018


Hey Dolls, 
This girl from Arizona loves me some earth tones! Terracotta is one of my favorite shades. I found the perfect combination of terracotta and texture in these corduroy pants and paired them with this fringe sweater. I was totally warm, comfy (in my sneakers) and cute. 

Both my pants and sweater are from SHEIN.
Many of you have voiced concern about SHEIN's sizing. I will admit that initially I had a lot of trouble finding things to fit me. Everything was much too small. I finally realized that the best thing for me to do was to pull out some tops and bottoms from my closet and measure the width of the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips directly on my clothes laid out flat. This totally changed the game with my SHEIN experience! 

Now, all I have to do is hover my mouse over the size and I can see the measurements without even clicking on the size chart. I always start with the 3x and if I hover my mouse over the 3x and it's only 16 inches I know that this item is not going to work for me. The shoulders must measure at least an 18 or 19 to fit me comfortably. Also, even if the shoulders measure at my size, sometimes the bust is still too small. You must look at all measurements to know if it will work. 

What good is it for the shoulders to fit but the chest be too small or vice versa. lol The same thing goes for waist and hips. The waist may be wide enough but the hips may be too small or the hips are right and the waist is tiny. I really hope this advice helps you because SHEIN really has some cute pieces at great prices if you find your actual size.  

SHEIN is currently offering my readers 20% off based on original price and ONLY valid for orders over $59 of plus-size items. 
Use code fromther20 (BF181261 till 23rd Dec)


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