May 1, 2017


Hey Dolls, 
Eshakti reached out to me for a product review and I selected this floral maxi dress. I love how it shows just a hint of leg. Eshakti makes clothes to their customers height, size, and style preferences at an affordable price in 10-14 days. I've been a fan of this company for years and highly recommend them.

The only thing I wasn't crazy over was the white lining used.


Robin said...

I love that style--sexy without going overboard.

Miss Dre said...

This dress is so cute! I love that hint of leg peeping through!

Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie said...

I looked at their website with the dress and I have to say, you present it way better than their model! I love the color and design of the dress. I see what you mean with the white...they couldve used a teal or floral print for that as well.
Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie