November 5, 2016


Hey Dolls, 
Every now and then I get the crazy notion to cut up something. This time around I cut an old Asos Curve dress in half leaving the top portion unfinished at the hem and totally unaltered. Seriously, no cares were given! That's the wonderful thing about fashion, it allows you do whatever the heck you darn well please. I added elastic to the waist of the bottom portion to make a great maxi skirt and paired it with a distressed denim top. 

Go ahead and pull out your scissors to create your own look!

P.S. Eventually, I'll get around to finishing the hem and altering the top so that my tatas don't look like their going north, south, east and west. LOL


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the way this works. Way to refresh an old dress!