April 26, 2016


Hey Dolls, 
Let's talk about fashion trends. While it's every fashionistas duty to stay on top of what's current each season, I think it's important not to fall into the trap of trends. The best way to avoid this trap is to get honest about your style. Your own personal style is what sets you apart from the crowd. Once you become a slave to fashion trends it's easy to start looking like a clone. 

Every season some so called fashion know it all states what's in and what's out. For instance - tulle skirts (tutus) are out - according to some - but I don't care what's on the in/out list. If I like it, I wear it. 

Let me be clear here. There's nothing wrong with rocking trends. A current trend that I'm loving is the bandana because it gives me all the Grease feels! I also dig the off-shoulder trend and lace up shoes. I'm saying - don't be trendy just because it's what you see everyone else wearing. Wear it because you genuinely like it and don't forget to mix in some of your own must haves. 

Layered Tulle Tank Dress: Lane Bryant (sold out) - similar
Denim Vest: DIY - similar
Lace Up Shoes: Zara (sold out) - similar
Bandana: H&M (in store)
Sunnies: Local Boutique



Dolly K said...

Love this look! And you are right. One needs to wear what feels god to them and not just what is "accepeted".

Style & Poise said...

I'm with you Kiah! I love me some tulle too and you're so right...wear what you like not just because it's what's trending.