January 25, 2016


Hey Dolls! 
I'm feeling somewhat rude for posting this outfit because of the terrible weather happening in other parts of our great nation....BUT...the weather in Dallas has been AMAZING! It was nice enough to wear this today. 

*cue snowballs flying my way from the East Coast. Eek!*

Floppy Hat: Old from H&M (similar)
Striped Dress: Eshakti (sold out)
Shoeties: Aerosoles (found at Ross)
Handbag: Michael Kors (called Bedford and I can't find it to link)



Tonyette said...

Yet another confirmation that I need to just move there! Love the outfit! No snowball...this time! ;-)

Charlotte Issyvoo said...

Looks great. And I say, why live where there's snow? We get plenty of rain here but virtually no snow, and the spring blossoms are starting to bud now.

ms guni,england said...

I want that dress, shoes, hat and handbag.
Lovely classy look.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Its been a long time! You're still looking fabulous over here! Love the hat and the stripes!