September 7, 2015


Hey Dolls,
One of the many 2015 pant trends are culottes. I love this style of pant and am happy to see that there are several plus size options available - but I despise looking like a clone - so I decided to create my own by DIY-ing an old pair of wide leg jeans. I often DIY things to create one-of-a-kind styles that are uniquely "Kiah". 

Are you a fan of the culottes trend?



Ashley Wall said...

Love your DIY approach to the trend! I'm not really a fan of culottes, they are not flattering on me lol.

Tammie Smith said...

I have to be honest when I say, I do not know how I felt about this trend. I tend to go for either short or long, due to my height. But now, dear Khia, I am intrigued! I love how your style is trendy but GROWN! Call me inspired!