July 19, 2015


Hey Dolls, 
It's been over a month since my last post! My life has been absolutely cray (crazy) these past couple of months. Here's the breakdown of "cray"... 

1.) Hubby went to Israel for a month! 
2.) While he was away - I cleaned out our apartment (got rid of tons of stuff and packed as much as I could while still working a full-time job Mon - Fri and being solo parent for our teen).
3.) When hubby returned - we packed up the rest of the apartment and moved into a new apartment (which I love).
4.) Hubby started new job as the youth pastor at our church.
5.) I've been working on getting the new place together (I'll blog a tour when It's all finished).

WHEW! Imagine trying to fit blogging into all of that. Thank God that things have calmed down some and I was able to snap some pics today. Aren't you glad I'm back! I am cause I sure missed Y'all (in my Texas accent)!
I literally purchased this jumpsuit the day it hit the Lane Bryant website and am just getting around to wearing it. Unfortunately, it's sold out online but you may be able to find one in a store.
Oh and can we talk about these fantastically fun tassel earrings from J Crew. OMG - I'm obsessed! Unfortunately, these too are sold out online but I found mine in a store (scored the last pair).

Handbag was purchased from a local boutique here in Dallas, shoes were purchased last year from Asos, and bangles are from Lane Bryant.

Hope you liked my "fit" (outfit).
With Love,
p.s. when I'm not here you can find me on Instagram - @reztothecity and Snapchat - @reztothecity. I'm pretty much on both daily. :-)


Courtney said...

Love it! Beautiful as always!

Chenille said...

Love the colors! !! #beautiful

Unknown said...

Love this whole look!

Simply Curvee said...

I love the orange jumpsuit w. neon yellow shoes!!!! This "fit" is the bomb.com!!!!

Vivi N. said...

Welcome back, Kiah! Missed ya in this blogging world. Congratulations on the new apartment and your husband's new job opportunity.

Style & Poise said...

Beautiful color on you and I am in love with those fab earrings!


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

The orange and yellow are fabulous together!

Sewingfunthings said...

Those colors look wonderful together!

BeckyAnne said...

Thanks for the update--love the orange jumper and can't wait to see pictures of your apartment!

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Stunning! Loving the color!