March 9, 2015


Hey Dolls, 
Just decided to take some pics of me primping in the bathroom prior to leaving for dinner.

 *everything I'm wearing in this post is old*

One things for sure, primping ain't easy...but it sure is fun!
with love,

Photos by Kayla


roxanne r Aquart said...


Goody said... primpin aint easy and every time i see that jacket i wanna kick myself for not snagging it.

MAD14kt said...

Loving that cape :)

Edith Scheie said...

Love the ensemble, as usual!

I also love your sink/vanity and the array of beauty products and magazines. I enjoy photos like these. It's like a peek behind the scenes.

Chakayla Taylor said...

Such a diva!

Susan said...

Gorgeous! Hope you had a fabulous time. What are the jeans? I love the super wide leg.

Kerissa said...

The entire posts gets 2 thumbs up. Ain't easy at. all!