February 3, 2015


Hey Dolls, 
This cold weather is making it very difficult to get outside and snap outfit pics.  By the time I get off of work it's already dark out so tonight I had my daughter take some indoor shots.

Any who, I've had these gold glitter pants for like 2 years now and have only worn them once. They're the perfect man repeller because my husband hates them (which means that I of course love them)! lol When it comes to droopy harem pants folks either love em or hate em. **hunches shoulders** How do you feel about them?

Gold Sequin Harem Pants: Charming by Jessica Dee
Jean Vest: DIY
Duster: Thrifted (it's actually a dress)
Gold Cuff: (Old)
Hat: H&M (Old)
Shoes: Antonio Melani (Dillard's)

With LOVE,


Tamarah Brown said...

I really liked how you paired them in this outfit especially the duster. I don't have any harem pants myself,but you made look at them differently. This is my 1st time commenting,but I really enjoy your blog & style. Keep up the great work.

Whitney James said...

Love these pants! Great styling, as usual.


Edith Scheie said...

LOL, these harem pants kind of remind me of "Army descant pants" or paratrooper pants that I used to wear back in the 80's. It was a trend among a certain group of 20-somethings in NYC back then to wear army paratrooper pants, overdyed different colors, or sometimes just plain, with combat boots, or my personal fave, my Puma sneakers. They had draw-cords at the waist and the ankles. Preferably worn with a band t-shirt, or a t-shirt with a portrait of some underground celebrity, like an Andy Warhol Factory star.

Obviously, your outfit's a lot classier than that, but those pants ... they brought back memories! I think your ensemble is a lot of fun. Lots of possibilities!

Demetra Overton said...

THESE pants are fantastic. If I bought those I'd wear them EVERYWHERE! Carpool, grocery store Everywhere.