November 13, 2014


Hey Dolls, 
I've bought this eShakti Red Lips Tulle Full Skirt twice over the past few months. The first try it was too tight around my lower tummy and also too short (I opted to leave the length "as is" which was knee length). I sold it, bought a size up, and customized the length to below knee (the skirt in this post). The length is perfect in the front but when I walked my daughter noticed that it was rising up in the back and also when I sat the skirt was barely able to cover my butt (I have a huge butt!!). I ended up selling this one too! But because I love this skirt so much, I will give it ye ole "three strikes you're out" treatment and order it in the midi length.

What I love about this skirt is its ability to be worn in a somewhat casual way - like I did here with this face print tee (runs small I got a 3x and it fits like a 1x/2x) or it can easily be dressed up with an all black top like my Boo GabiFresh did. This leather moto jacket is by DKNYC and it's a few years old. Shoes are also old by Antonio Melani for Dillard's.

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 With LOVE,


Sing of Singature Style said...

Perfecto, from head to toe!

Robin said...

Looks good Rez. Yes I under the power of the booty. I have to wear longer skirts as well. The outfit as Sing says is 'perfecto'.

lawyerdoll said...

Skirt lengths have always been a problem for me as well.

Years ago, I got a job waiting tables at a Greek restaurant. The uniform included a blue pleated short skirt. My first day, one of the other girls told me that if I bent over even slightly, they could see South America.

So I promptly went out and bought my own, longer, version.

lawyerdoll said...

And you look incredible in this outfit, I'm so glad you found a skirt that works for you!

Sheri Fortson said...


Please post on how the midi length worked out for you. I'm worried that since I'm only 5'3 and have a shelf butt I may need to also customize this skirt.
Happy Holidays !!!!!

Natalie Bigelow said...

i love this skirt so much but have been unable to find it!! if for any reason you look to sell it again please contact me :) great outfit!