September 11, 2014


Hey Dolls, 
I've had this peplum top and skirt for like EVER! I decided to pair the two and make the peplum twice as nice. After realizing how long they had went missing in the black hole that I call a closet, I made myself a promise to dress up more. It really just doesn't make any type of sense to have all of this stuff and never wear it.

On a personal note my family's schedule has been off the chain with both my hubby and daughter returning to school. In addition, my daughter has advanced to the senior performing ensemble at her dance academy and has dance classes 3 times per week! My husband also teaches classes twice a week at our church. If that ain't enough, I work a full-time job. WHEW! Momma tired but God is good and He gives me the strength that I need to make it.

Asos Curve Floral Peplum Skirt (sold out)
Asos Limited Edition Big Faux Pearl Choker Necklace (sold out)
Shoes from H&M (old)

With LOVE,
Photos by Diana


Edith Scheie said...

I love this outfit! All the colors pop, and yet they all play well together. Brilliant!

Good luck with your hectic life! Sounds busy, but in a positive way.

laurakidd said...

When I saw this on Insta my jaw dropped! You look amazing in this. I wouldn't have thought to put two peplum-ish pieces together but DAMN it looks good. One hot mama!


Kerissa said...

Great skirt! I have a similar one gifted to my from my Mother in darker colors. I usually where it with a cami and blazer. Got that inspiration from another blogger but I'll see if I can restyle it with a peplum top. Stay tuned...

Vivi N. said...

Beautiful look, Kiah! Love it.

Yikes at that schedule! But something tells me you'll be fine. Meanwhile, miss ya!