July 21, 2014


Hey Dolls,
I recently became a member of 9thandElm, a website that brings its members fabulous items from the best handmade and independent designers. 

With my 1st order I received these amazing Spike Chandelier Earrings in Sunset Red and Cobalt from designer VantJag and this awesome Set of 4 Thin and Thick Wide Gold Band Rings from designer C&C Collection.

The items got to me within a week and the quality of both were great! I love the fact that these items are from independent designers because that means they are rare. I pride myself on being unique so I like to have a few rare gems in my collection. 

Membership is free so go join 9thandElm now!


Monica Anderson said...

Beautiful! Looks good on you .

Allana@Inspector33 said...

I absolutely love that bracelet and those rings. Beautiful . - Inspector33.com

Wait Until The Sunset said...

OMG!! Those earrings are gorgeous!! X

Alela Sirah said...

Wow all of that looks fabulous!

Charlie Cohen said...

I know it's the one item that was yours already, but that bracelet is AMAZING! Need something similar in my life!