Hey Dolls, 
I'm obsessed with the color black and generally wear it all year round, but I've decided that I won't be doing that this Spring. Beautiful pastels have caught my eye in every store window display, while browsing online, and most recently flipping through fashion magazines. Before I knew it, I had sprung into this outfit! I feel this look showcases the softer side of me (look I'm even smiling).

Speaking of soft, I have a new found love for sheer items. I'm not talking bare it all sheer but that sneaky sexy sheer. Sheer panels are perfect for that sexy little peek yet still keeps it classy. For instance, this skirt is completely sheer but it has a slip underneath only baring skin around the hem portion. 

s/n: I want to warn my big booty beauties that the bigger the booty, the shorter it is in the back (we all know that the bigger the booty the more fabric it takes to cover it, so you lose inches in the length). I would guess that the back of my slip was about 3 or 4 inches shorter than the front)!! l got a bit uncomfortable after about an hour and found myself making certain that nothing was showing back there for the rest of the time I wore it. I will def be wearing a longer slip underneath the attached slip next time!

Dotted Shirt w/Embellished Collar: Lane Bryant (find it in stores)
Sheer Check Skirt: Asos Curve
Sandals: Jessica London
Earrings: Kate Spade

Today I celebrate "doing life" for 18 years with the most wonderful man in the world. Happy Anniversary my Love, my Turtle Dove, my All of the above!! I love you and am so thankful that God gave me you!


Unknown said…
I really love this look Kiah!
Anne M Bray said…
So pretty and and Springy! Love!
Very Springy and killer shoes!
This is a wonderful spring look. I love that the sheer checks with the polka dots creates a very subtle pattern mix. Gorgeous!
Unknown said…
Kiah! You look absolutely stunning I need to purchase this skirt! I have been into the windowpane/checked look for spring! Go girl!
Looking lovely, sis. Happy anniversary to you and hubby...xo!

Unknown said…
Miss Kia, I need that skirt! You look amazing as usual, and I love this entire look. The perfect office look for me!
Kishina said…
Beautiful ensemble!! I've eyed this blouse at Lane Bryant for some time now. I love how you paired it with this skirt.
Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary!!! 💛💛💛💛
Unknown said…
definitely classy! you look great.

and the higher in the back concept you speak of inspired the discussion of a clothing line between me and a friend who was more curvacious in the back and wanted to create garments specific to that. we never did do it, but i made a couple of skirts for her that were cut slightly longer in the back than in the front. i'm surprised that a clothing company hasn't came up with garments that speak to that issue. (at least none that i know of.)


happy anniversary to you both! :)
Oh my gosh this is a beautiful outfit. I love how it's mostly all white but the different visual textures and shapes break it up brilliantly. I love your style