April 2, 2014


Hey Dolls,
Travel expert, Kendra Thornton has invited me to participate in the "Kendra's Night Out" Challenge. In a few weeks Kendra and a group of friends will be traveling to the Bellagio Luxury Hotel & Casino to have some Las Vegas fun! Here's what Kendra sent me about the trip.....

Fine Dining and Fun at the Bellagio
I have recently been invited by my friends to go to the Bellagio Luxury Hotel & Casino to have some fun with my girlfriends in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, my apparel is not very strong right now. After all, my focus is on being mother to my three children and a loving wife to my husband. Needless to say, I need some great fashion help. As a result of this, I have invited several people to try “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” They are tasked with finding me a terrific outfit that will compliment a night out at the Bellagio.
There are numerous things to see and do at the Bellagio Luxury Hotel & Casino. A place that we are looking forward to visiting in terms of fine dining is the Picasso. This establishment has received the AAA Five Diamond Award 13 times. Julian Seranno, who is the executive chef, features a menu that takes a page out of the cuisine of Spain and France. After all, these two countries are where Pablo Picasso used to live. I like wine, and I am looking forward to seeing the wine list, which features more than 1,500 selections. In fact, many bottles are created from vineyards in Europe. Furthermore, the restaurant boasts of many Picasso works of art, as well as magnificent masterpieces. When the weather is nice, people can choose to eat on the outdoor patio. It can hold up to 16 tables, and it is amazing to see the Bellagio’s fountains from the patio. Another benefit of the outdoor patio is that the establishment has heat lamps and cool misters in order to make the dining experience quite pleasurable.
This is just the beginning of the fun that my friends and I will have in the city of Las Vegas. The fact of the matter is that this city has a unique style that is unlike any other city in the world. With so many choices and options that are available, I went to Gogobot. I found insight from fellow travelers and general information concerning sites in order to create an itinerary for us to follow. It does not matter whether we are going to a show for the evening, having dinner out, hitting a casino or spending the night at the Bellagio Luxury Hotel & Casino, as long as I have the outfit that can enhance my overall experience.

I've put together some great outfits for Kendra to rock while dining, gambling, and shopping during her Vegas adventure (the first outfit is a fun travel outfit I put together as a bonus). Be sure to leave a comment and tell me which look is your favorite. 

You can find deets on all items by clicking the links underneath each set.

Studs and Stripes (this is Navy)


Unknown said...

Some of these items are great will details of where they can be found at at be posted?

Unknown said...

I definitely did not take your advice and made an account... This is going to be a long night lol

Ola Dipo said...

You never disappoint Kiah! everything looks gorgeous. There isn't one item there that i won't wear lol

Sewingfunthings said...

I love the combinations right down to the hair style!

Unknown said...

The Lunch Date look is so fun and sophisticated! I love it!