October 24, 2013


Hey Dolls,
Have you ever thought about purchasing (or actually purchased) an item that you have no idea how to style? We all have that item that has been in our closet for months - you know that thing that we just had to have and now we don't know what to do with it. Some of us may have a recent purchase that we are in a style struggle with. Items like checkered pants, shoulder brooches, white boots (after Labor Day) or denim overalls.

I mean really....WHAT GOES WITH THIS?!
What if I told you that there was a place you could post your hard to style items and get style advice? Well there is! The site is simply called "WHAT GOES WITH THIS". WGWT is a fashion forum where you can ask questions about fashion, give outfit ideas and browse style inspiration. 

It's the online version of going shopping with your best friend! This means that it makes online shopping fun! The users are addicted to posting items and getting tons of outfit recommendations as well as giving outfit ideas that are linked to real products that real people will buy and love.

WGWT turns online shopping into a visual conversation that takes images of products and dialogue with people and connects them. It changes the way online shopping currently is by making it fun and social, the way we all remember going to the mall to be.

As a fashion blogger I'm often asked for style advice but that is just one opinion. Now you can post a picture of yourself wearing the item and new friends can help you style it! Pretty cool, huh. Be sure to sign up! Kiah

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Fatinthecity said...

This is such a a great idea!I've said that phrase so many times:)

Edith Scheie said...

Just what I need ... another website that encourages me to shop! This brings codependency to new heights! LOL, just kidding! It's a great idea.

Mohammad Salauddin said...

Awesome idea! those accessories are so stylish.
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Fabrics USA Inc. said...

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