September 4, 2013


Hey Dolls, 
When I get bored you just never know what I'm gonna do! lol I actually planned to do this look with a leather skirt but thought I would use an old dress for practice first. 

I made the circles by hand with a matching pink marker and then cut out the circles with hand scissors. After doing some research, I see that they actually sell circle cutters so I must invest in one to practice prior to doing the skirt! 
With the skirt, I only intend to cut a few rows of circles along the bottom of the skirt so that a little leg can peep through. I think the leather skirt would look amazing with a silk tie front blouse!!!!

Black Dress Underneath: Robbie Bee
Pink Dress: Anne Klein (holes DIY by me)
Boots: Anne Klein
Earrings and Bracelet: Lane Bryant

**Blog News**
I'm going to add a new feature to my blog re-creating designer inspired looks. So excited for this!! Stay tuned...
With Love,


Laura said...

I love it Kiah!!!! So inventive, & I love the visual pow! It's awesome!!!!

Laura said...

p.s. I can't wait to see the skirt, it's gonna look so cool!

Angela C. said...

This is really cute!

Edith Scheie said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the re-creation of designer-inspired looks. You're so creative and inventive!

How'd you get the holes so even? They don't look irregular and they don't have frayed edges.

Does your room where you do all your DIY work have a sign that says, "Quiet! Genius at work!" ??? Because you need one of those!

Tammie said...

Looks like a seamstress created this look! I adore it!

Cara said...

innovative idea looks really great!

Jazmine Jade said...

Loveeee this dress!!

Sol Fontanez said...

Love the dress great idea, mmhhh im might get the scissors!.. Lol..

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