August 18, 2013


Hey Dolls,
I'm so excited to share my new designer find with you! As you know fashion is my passion, particularly high end designer pieces. Unfortunately, most designer items are not made in plus sizes, nor affordable, so I've made it my mission to try and re-create designer looks with affordable pieces I find in plus. 

Currently, I'm totally obsessed with designer Stella Jean! I adore all of the prints and layering. After seeing the line, I went on a hunt to find African print plus size items. I started with a simple Google search and ended up on Etsy. It was there that I discovered my new designer muse, Reuben Reuel!

Mr. Reuel's line is called DE-MES' TIKS. His print choices are amazing and I basically fell in love with EVERYTHING (just ask him lol)! I placed an order for my 2 fave items within the hour! 

Here's my 1st item...

 UGH! That moment you realize part of your skirt was flipped up after the fact! lol
I decided to keep this outfit simple to allow the skirt to shine but I plan to do some serious "Stella Jean like" print mixing in the future.
 Skirt: Demestiks
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole
Earrings and Necklace: Melody Ehsani
Watch: Michael Kors
 I received so many compliments on this skirt, one lady even came up and said she had to touch it. haha
Umm...YES HUNTY!!! You must get something of your own here
Tell him Rez sent ya! ;-)


Fredetta said...

that skirt is beautiful! i am loving the print :) you look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful skirt I have seen in a long time! I LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

Your response to Demestiks sounds pretty much like mine when I first discovered them. I almost lost it! I love EV'RYTHANG on their site.

Tia Lou said...

In love with that skirt!

Lydia said...

Love it. Amazing.

Meredith said...

I love everything about that skirt!! I love that you let it take center stage in this outfit! I'm definitely going to check out this designer!

Tammie said...

That is a gorgeous print...

Gracey the Giant said...

You styled the heck out of this skirt, Miss Kiah! You look wonderful!

VanoueLicious said...

Fabulous skirt!
Unfortunatly the only time I ordered a top from this designer (last year), it was too small :-( I might give them another try!

REBEQUITA ROSE - (XL Fashion Blogger) said...

That skirt is just TOO ADORABLE! I love it! I am currently teaching myself how to sew, - starting with skirts, - and this is exactly the sort of thing I want to make! I am currently dreaming of making of lots of beautiful dresses and skirts out of african print fabrics!!! Going to check out more of your posts now <3