May 12, 2013


Hey Dolls, 
I love vintage jewelry and over the years I've acquired quite the collection. Below I share some of my favorite vintage earrings....

Acrylic Tulips

Hammered Silver

Leopard Fur and Amber Stones

Gold with Multi Colored Gemstones

Silver Cable and Black Crystals
(a couple of stones are missing now)

Crystal and Chain Dangle

Gold Crosses with Heart Bases Covered in Various Gemstones

These are just some of my faves. I also have necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings that I'm keeping for posterity sake. I hope my daughter and her daughters enjoy my vintage collection as much as I did! 
With Love,


Edith Scheie said...

That's weird, I was thinking about the turquoise jewelry your father made for you, and wondering if you'd do a post based on that. And here you are, talking about your vintage jewelry collection. Those are beautiful pieces. I hope you and your daughter enjoy them for years and generations to come.

Marissa said...

the cross has got to be my favorite. great collection!

wait until the sunset said...

An awesome collection Kiah!! My ears aren't pierced, so I love collection retro clip-ons! xx

Inez| Style Chic 360 said...

Great collection you have! I love vintage jewelry too!

Edith Scheie said...

Were you effected by the tornadoes? I hope you're OK!

Laura said...

Such pretty pieces, I LOVE vintage earrings!

panpan said...

I like jewelry, like the collection, it is a pleasure. Among the crystal jewelry, crystal clear, very beautiful. Sometimes the party, wearing them will make us look very beautiful.