February 8, 2013


Hey Divas,
Posting photos of ME all the time can get boring so I've decided to occasionally post about my other interests. Today, I share with you my love for ART.

The Last Supper
By: Leonardo da Vinci
 Bal du moulin de la Galette
By: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
 A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
By: Georges Seurat
 The Night Watch
By: Rembrandt van Rijn
 The Persistence of Memory
By: Salvador Dali
 Girl with a Pearl Earring
By: Johannes Verneer
c. 1665
 The Scream
By: Edvard Munch
 Whistler's Mother
By: James McNeill Whistler
The Starry Night
By: Vincent van Gogh
The Birthday
By: Marc Chagall
By: Pablo Picasso
The Kiss
By: Gustav Klimt
 Mona Lisa
By: Leonardo da Vinci
c. 1503-1519
Which is your favorite?


Edith Scheie said...

I can say I've actually seen two of these paintings: "The Starry Night" and "The Mona Lisa." The Starry Night hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. To see the painting is to feel the earth revolve under your feet, to feel the sky moving overhead. I would have to say that's my favorite painting.

I saw The Mona Lisa when I visited the Louvre when I was 16 on a class trip to France. I think they cleaned up the painting since I saw it, because this photo looks much brighter and clearer than the painting when I saw it. It was small and dark. It had a mesmerizing quality; I couldn't take my eyes off it. You could gaze it at all day.

Excellent choice of great works of art, Kiah. Once again, you have a brilliant eye! Thanks for this Friday afternoon treat. Especially since it's a rainy gray day here in the Northeast, as we await winter storm Nemo.

Sassy T said...

I love art. I have eclectic tastes in it.

Darci Paulk-Hayes said...

I love that you're sharing your other interests. :)

fly Tie said...

this gave me a serious throwback to art history class in collage many years ago where we studied the majority if these paintings. the fact that i still recognize and can recall a bit of the history of them i guess means the class/professor did me some justice!

i've always liked "the persistence of memory". it comes to mind whenever i see an art pieces that even remotely resembles it.

Diane @ Haute Flashion said...

I am fascinated by the changing fashions that are depicted in many of these. (Sorry. You are trying to expand our horizons and here I am still looking at clothes!) Before the dawn of photography, art was the only way to record the styles of the time. From the bustles in the Seurat to the opulence of the men's clothing in the Rembrandt, I can't help but be transfixed by these views into the evolution of fashion!

Sacramento Amate said...

Great choice, Kiah.
have a lovely weekend.

xStroutx said...

Ahhhh you've got a lot of real classics here! I love them all but Starry Night will always be one of my favourite pieces of art ever!

Anonymous said...

Never seen any of those paintings IRL but I have read the book, "Girl with a Pearl Earring", and LOVE IT. I recommend it.

Cheriz Angel said...

I have never been a fan of the pointillism technique of Seurat or the abstraction of Picasso. I am definitely a fan of renaissance art.