November 18, 2012


I love "winter" white. It reminds me of a beautiful polar bear rolling around in the snow (my mind is quite imaginable). Some folks think it's crazy to wear white in the winter but "winter" white is more of an off white/cream. You know me, I take the rules of fashion and throw them right out the window! ;-) I wore this to church today and decided to snap some pics. 

On another note, I just finished my Turkey day grocery shopping and I don't plan to EVER step foot back into a grocery store! lol I had to go to 3 stores just to get everything I needed. What about you? Have you started your grocery shopping for Thanksgiving yet?

Winter White Double-Breasted Blazer: C.E. by Cristina Ehrlich for QVC
Leopard Print Blouse: Jones New York
Sailor Pants: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Vintage

With Love,


Nothingordinarystyle said...

Love this look, the leopard with the winter white is Nice! And I'm with you on those fashion rules Hunni! And No I haven't started my turkey day shopping yet ..I can only imagine the madness I'm in for.

LA Lynn's said...

FIERCE!!!!!! whelp, I've done all my shopping and GLAD about it!!!! I will NOT be caught DEAD in the grocery store this week! LOL!!!!

Happy TURKEY Day!!!!!


Edith Scheie said...

Permit me to say how much I LOVE this outfit!!!

Winter white is perfect in the cold months, and it looks great on you!

I was in the supermarket today just to pick up a snack, and it was MADNESS!!! I'm doing my T-Day shopping on Wednesday afternoon, and I'm sure it will be an adventure! Enjoy the holiday!

Style & Poise said...

Looking lovely in your leopard and ivory! Very pretty!

Julia said...

Loving the necklace and the jacket! I hate grocery shopping period. Nonetheless I got through it and we are having lemon and pecan pies, sweet potatoes, broccoli and cheese, stuffing, okra and tomatoes and greens. I know not your traditional turkey day dinner, but I refuse to cook food that my little ones most likely will not eat. Have fun!

Thick Threads said...

really love that winter white on you ! those pants are amazing :)
love it!


Laura said...

Girl your blog is amazing and you've got a so amazing style!!

Would you like to follow each other?
let me know answering with a comment on my blog, very good job, kisses <3


The White List said...

Loving the winter white!!! It's so anti-winter that its amazing!!!!!!

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...


Vivi N. said...

"It reminds me of a beautiful polar bear rolling around in the snow." I don't know why but that sentence had me rolling.

Winter white is really a pretty color. I have a couple in my closet right now. I still rock plain ol' white, too.

TiaLou said...

I'm headed out of town so I'm gonna let me mom and auntie do all of the cooking this year:). You rocked this winter white!!!

laniza said...

Haha, I hear you on not stepping foot in a grocery store! I had to buy some more butter today--other than that, I'm done!

I really like the white jacket paired with leopard. This is such a winter holiday outfit :).

Oluwaseun Sodunke said...

I don't wear white too often, because it always gets stained!

I like the blazer though! And, those pants are fab! :)

xStroutx said...

I didn't know white was a winter fashion no-no??? But you look gorgeous in it so I agree, screw the fashion 'rules'.

Caitlin of Closet Confessions said...

What a beautiful classic look! You look stunning!
<3 Cait xo

Alela Sirah said...

Love the look and your hair is gorgeous!!!

grownandcurvywoman said...

Like the pairing of the white blazer with the leopard print blouse!

lawyerdoll said...

The nautical pants... the leopard... the winter white... they don't sound like they would go together, but you've pulled it off flawlessly!

This is my first year not going to family for Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, my sister and niece came to us, and we all went to a community dinner. No shopping, no cooking. All we had to do is show up!

Laura said...

LOVE this is so pretty, black, white and leopard go so well together <3 After all fashion rules were 100% meant for breaking...

Jordan Randolph said...

That pic of you with the coat draped over your shoulders is nothing short of incredible. You look awesome in these pics!!


Caitlin of Closet Confessions said...

This look is so classic. That blouse and high waisted trouser is such a flattering cut, but the white blazer is blowing my mind!