June 18, 2012


The 2nd event that I attended during FFFweek was the Indie Designer Fashion Show. Obviously one's fashion/style are according to personal taste so having said that, I loved some pieces and others just didn't suit my taste. My favorite pieces were from designers Nicci Gilbert, Ashley Nell Tipton, Youtheary Khmer and designer of the year Jibri. I was unable to capture any good pictures of the pieces coming down the runway (I only had my point and shoot camera) but I did manage to find a few pics via google images.

I wore this Asos Curve dress.
Chastity of The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style and I at the show.
The most rewarding thing about this entire trip was getting to meet some of my blogger friends face to face!

Nadia of Nadia Aboulsosn. Nadia is a drop dead gorgeous natural beauty! When I think of her style I think of the song "I'm sexy and I know it!" She's full of confidence (in a good way) and just as sweet as she can be. I can imagine her giving you her coat if you're cold even if she's cold too. It was such a pleasure to finally meet her.
I finally got to meet Skorch Magazine Owner & EIC, Jessica Kane! Jessica is also a personal style blogger/crusader of Life & Style of Jessica Kane. Jessica uses both, the magazine and blog, as platforms to encourage women to find confidence in accepting and loving their bodies. I adore Jessica and fully support her mission which is why I joined the Skorch Blogger team!
Aussie blogger Jessica Dee of Too Many Sequins. Jessica is like a real life princess! I just adore all of her tulle skirts and glittery accents! 
Cornelius of Pure Chic Visions. He was just all kinds of fabulous. Look at that cute little face. Werk it Boo!
Caitlin of Closet Confessions. How fabulous is this outfit! Her style is glamorous rocker chic and I love it! The jewelry she's wearing is in the shape of hands! WOWZERS!
Figure 8 model Nicole Esperanza Zepeda. She did her thing in the show. Such a beautiful woman both on the inside and out!
I met so many people but did not get photos with everyone on my camera (some photos are on their cameras). Now on to the designers...
1st up we have Nicci Gilbert. Nicci was the lead singer of the former R&B group Brownstone. She also played the role of Vera in Tyler Perry's play "Meet the Browns". Well now you can add fabulous designer to her resume. For me Nicci's dresses from her line Curvato were my faves in the show because they possessed 3 things that I look for in style...glamour, femininity and flowing fabric!
Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt, Faith Evans, and Monifah were at the show supporting Nicci. I actually spoke to Faith outside while in line and she's very kind. They were all quite beautiful!
Here are the things I loved from the Curvato line...

Next up we have 20 year old ASHLEY NELL TIPTON. Her designs are chic with a rocker edge. This young designer is well on her way to great things! You go girl! How cute is she!
Here are a few pieces that I'll be picking up from her Spring 2013 line!
Next up we have Youtheary Khmer. Her designs are so soft and sweet. My favorite item in the show was this colorblock dress!
Last, but certainly not least, we have Designer of the Year...Jibri!
Jibri's Fall line is very classy and timeless. I can't see any item ever going out of style which makes this line the shows best investment pieces! I own a Jibri skirt and the quality and fit is superb. I even spoke to a model who said she could tell the difference in the quality of fabric used in Jibri's line compared to other lines. My faves from Jibri were the high waist leather peg leg pants and all the black dresses. I was not able to get any good pictures from the show but pulled a picture of the pants from Chastity's blog post.
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Vivi N. said...

Fantastic recap! I so wish I was able to make it there. Bummer. I still think my feet would've appreciated the walking. ;o)

Meanwhile, I am in lovelovelove with Ashley Nell Tipton's collection! Wow. Her pieces need to be on sell. Immediately.

Shainna Tucker said...

ugh it looks like you had a fantastic time! wish i couldve been there.


Chastity Garner said...

I love your pics...you are a much better photographer than I

1x1000 said...

You looked fabulous! Looked like a good time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

Hellur Apollonia!

I love your dress. I love everything you showed here! Curvato is EVERYTHING!


Candace said...

I loved it all! Especially the second photo with the red & black dress and the last pic with the leather peg leg pants! And lets talk about that sequin dress you had on... fabulous! You worked it girl and you definitely let your light shine ;)

Ashley said...

Beautiful event. I love everyone's outfit.

Edith Scheie said...

I like the black leather pants - ooh la la!

Looks like you had a good time in NYC. Your outfits are very nice.

I'm glad I didn't go, because I don't think I would've done well. Thanks for showing pictures of the events, this way I get to enjoy them vicariously!

Nic said...

really love your dress. you look so pretty!! i also love the items you plan to purchase; especially that high low crop top. glad you had fun!!


LA Lynn's said...

GREAT RECAP!!!!! The pictures are nice and you look lovely as always!!!!

It's ALWAYS good to meet fellow bloggers you also gave me more bloggers to follow! Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i am completely in love with your gorgeous dress! how insane is that! i am in love with that black and white piece of heaven! oh and i have to check "too many sequins" out! want that skirt!

Lourdes said...

Love pics...You are fabulous....LOvely!!!...


You look FABULOUS Kiah, and I am off to check all your blogger friends this second, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lorena B (La Moda è Vita) said...

Una recopilacion fantastica!
Los looks son geniales!

xStroutx said...

How much fun does this look! Looks like there were some incredible pieces there. And of course you looked stunning.

Laura said...

Wonderful pieces!!! That show sounds like it was spectacular. It's always a ton of fun to meet fellow bloggers =) Btw LOVE your dress it's so pretty and shiny.

Ronke143 said...

Love your dress!! Where is it from?

CherryStar said...

I am so mad I missed it!!! Next year I definitely will be in attendance!!! Everyone looked amazing ESPECIALLY YOU!!! OMG YOU WERE KILLIN EM' IN NYC!!!


NaturallyFashionable said...

That is a beautiful dress on you!

Alela Sirah said...

Kiah you are gorgeous!!! I love that dress and your hair was beautiful!! The event looked like a blast!!

Chic Therapy said...

Love your dress.YOu all look gorgeous

Tavia Mac said...

Kiah, you look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! It looks like it was an amazing time to be had and a some fabulous fashion to see.


Patricia Guillen said...

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Olu a.k.a Suzzy said...

You look flawless.