April 28, 2012


I was directly in the sun so the the lighting turned out pretty bad around my face. Anywho, you can still see my outfit fine. This dress turned skirt reminds me of a yellow tulip. ;-)

Dress worn as skirt: Asos Curve
Blazer: Jessica London
Houndstooth Shirt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunnies: Michael Kors

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...


Shanice Wynter said...

Cute blazer, love the hair!


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That yellow skirt is not only unique but so flattery, ahhhhhhhhhhhMy dear kiah, always inspiring.
have a lovely Sunday.

The White List said...

Where do I begin?!?!?! That's an amazing skirt and I love that blazer!!! I need to get myself one!!!!

cherry vidal said...

lovely xoxo

Kim said...

Yes...girl give me that blazer!

Girls of Plenty said...

Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I love it! Good repurposing of clothing....

SRS said...

i miss your inspiring comments! you look absolutely fab. i love that you've been rockin primary colors lately. you are such a gorgeous woman inside and out.

sarah rose

Clara Turbay said...

Excellent post!

Nic said...

so creative!!! i love what you did with this look. love ya!


Laura said...

Spectacular!!!! You play with textures and colors so well simply fabulous!

Moya2bean said...

You know Im mad girl. That dress is..
(wipes sweat)
Girl I would borrow that from you every dang day! I love it I love it! Love that hair in a pony on the side Kiah
..do it boo


Lydia said...

I am dying to see the rest of this dress. I am IN LOVE with what I can see so far. This is so amazing-- the cut, the color!

Maria said...

love the outfit! that blazer is so much fun!

Erica said...

Loving the outfit, especially the pop of yellow.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.