I went to Ross Dress for Less to look for a large serving dish. I don't know if you've ever been in Ross before but it's like they are giving away money or something because it's so freaking crowded!! I didn't find the dish that I was looking for so I took a short cut down the dress isle to get out of the store. It was down this isle that I saw a burst of neon stripes peeking out from the racks!! I stopped to pull it out and it was this insane tank dress! I had to have it! The price tag read $10.99!! YES and WHAT!! I spent 15 minutes in line to buy it. Totally worth it but I don't think I can do it again....EVER!! lol

Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Blazer: I.N.C. (Macy's) (old)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (old)
Necklace: Vintage
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: H&M
Earrings: Lane Bryant (old)
Handbag: Chanel
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole

Have you ever found a great deal at Ross Dress for Less?
With Love,
p.s. I was featured on The Ultimate Life Style Blog
Please go check it out. I love it so much!


Shante said…
Kiah, I LOVE this. So cute and refreshing. And talk about a steal!
Vivi N. said…
Cute dress! Shoo...I would've done the same thing. Actually, I have done the same thing! Ross can do that to ya. The one around my way stays crowded. I haven't been inside the store for almost a year because of this.
Tammie S. said…
That outfit looks STUNNING!
Unknown said…
Love this too babe! Love the bright colours! Hope to meet you one day x
Unknown said…
OMG!!! That color-striped dress is too cute!! I'm so jello over it. I want one!! Great pick!!! And i love your style and blog!!
I've gone in to Ross and come out with four dresses for a total of $25 or less. They're always worth checking out, especially for dresses. Love this one on you. It has trendy neon elements without looking like it's trying too hard. You look great!!
Wow you got the deal of the year! This dress screams spring! You are working it!
Unknown said…
Now this was a great deal! I love the stripes and the neon colors, we are just starting to get Ross stores in my area, can't wait to check it out! You look fabulous lady :)

Fredetta said…
love the dress and your hair is sooo cute :)
franca maisha said…
hey beautiful!

I know it's been forever.. am working and travelling through New Zealand so I don't get to go on the internet every day. Hope you've been doing well!

I see, you look lovely in that dress!! really love the colors :)

franca maisha said…
hey beautiful!

I know it's been forever.. am working and travelling through New Zealand so I don't get to go on the internet every day. Hope you've been doing well!

I see, you look lovely in that dress!! really love the colors :)

Moya2bean said…
The queen of colors I swear!
I love Ross so much!
Them shoes are amazing...
Rock dat gold booo!
Falala Mele said…
I've heard great things about it (mainly that it is soooo cheap) but I dont know how I'd go with the long lines and shop in London was a little like that and I didnt like it at all...I just wanted to get out and the lines to about 30mins to get to the checkout :/

but I LOVE the dress.....I want a short one!
what an amazing amazing dress, those colors really pop up and the shape and length is stunning! fabulous
Alice Barton said…
you always look so gooodd!!!! love that dress! xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way
mispapelicos said…
It is true what they say: horizontal stripes makes people thinner, wowwwwwwwww
Girl you are sknnny in it, apart from gorgeous, but you know that already, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Always in awe of you style.
Unknown said…
That dress was absolutely worth the 15 minute wait in line! You look stunning in it!! I rarely go into Ross because there wasn't one where I used to live. But one is opening up minutes from my house and now I'm wondering if this might be dangerous! Hugs! ~Serene
Style4Curves said…
I have found great deals there but I always go on a random during the week day to avoid crowds. YOu look haute!
Ticka said…
Love this dress!! Very cute!! I don't think we have a Ross here in MN, but I'm sure gonna look!!
Love the dress, totally worth the time to get it. Great price and styling is perfection.
cherry vidal said…
i love a bargain especially when its unexpected, that for me is the best kind of purchase when i go out for one 1 thing and come back with something else! Great find though, and as usual you are rocking it! xoxo
What a fun dress to wear!! I'm in love with the neon colors! I know exactly what you mean about standing in line for 15 minutes but the price was amazing!!!
Unknown said…
Oh I am LOVING this dress!!! I need to swing by a local Ross and see if I can find one for ME!
Unknown said…
i love ross and you look FAB!!! the colors are perfect!!!

Unknown said…
Can I just tell you that the life you are giving me in this dress is beyond the scope of reason? I love these colorful stripes on you. Adding the blazer and classic accessories is the perfect touch. The JCs only add to the funky eclectic appeal of the look. So when can we go shopping together? You find amazing items at great prices. Truly a fashionista!

Sarah Jane R.
This is why I love Ross soooo much! This dress is AWESOME! People always ask me why I like that store so much....because it never disappoints! You look great per usual!
BukiBelle said…
Very nice dress. Love your shoes.
Lydia Armstrong said…
I love Ross. I haven't been in a long time but they have some amazing deals. That dress is awesome.
LA Lynn's said…
Gotta LOVE Ross... $10.99!!!!!! It was worth those 15 minutes!!!!
Lourdes said…
I love your blog and your style!!! i'm your new follower!!


I finally got to the post office today to mail your necklace. I am sorry I am so tardy in doing so.
You look so lovely in this dress. I like the bright stripes.
We are supposed to get a Ross store here, but I am not sure when it will open.
Laura said…
Gorgeous dress!!! It was so worth the wait!!!! I'm so glad you got that because it looks so perfect on you, it's spectacular!
I love Ross's home goods section, it has some pretty snazzy stuff!
Tia Lou said…
Love this dress! Super cute!!!
GFS said…
Lol omg, i have almost the same dress from asos and shoes from torrid

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Shea said…
I just put in work at Ross this weekend too! I picked an awesome striped maxi too for $9, can't beat that at all.
Yeliz Selvi said…
COLOUR BLOCKING ALL IN ONE! The dress is so elegant, I think the blazer just makes this, not to mention the touch of Chanel ;) stunning x
Tiffany said…
great dress, loving the neon colors in it.
Anonymous said…
AAAHHH! THAT DRESS! I love it so! I wanted to extend an invite to an event that will be here in Houston. It will be a much smaller version of Keren Charles from Two Stylish Kays Swapnista. I will send you the details when I have them.
Mode Plus said…
It feels a little repetitive but you are sooo creative Kiah, I love it!!!Only u can come up with neon spripes, two of my favorites at the moment. J'adore!
Erica said…
Sooooo basically...I need this entire outfit! You look amazing!
Kerissa said…
Umm ma'am you did this look right here effortlessly but coming off like you are the bomb (which you are). Love you!