January 25, 2012


I love to mix things up. I'm of mixed breed so its only natural! lol I started off with this soft pale palette and then I kicked it up a notch by adding my G-Ma's vintage fur cape that she gifted me. The cape being fur is from the wild while the things underneath are quiet, innocent and blushing (the color of the pants) to be seen mingling with the wild! ;-)

Fur Cape: Gifted from my G-Ma's closet
Ruffle Front Blouse: Oldie
Blush Pants: Asos Curve
Handbag: Chanel
Necklace: Gifted
Earrings: Gifted
Sunnies: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Modern Vintage

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With Love,


Nichole said...

I LOVE THIS. Such an amazing combination. You always have a nack for putting together things so flawlessly.

mispapelicos said...

Absolutely REGAL, my friend.
have a gorgeous day

The White List said...


C said...

Love the fur cape!
Sooooo stylish!!!!!!!!!

jijilovesyou said...

effortless chic - you're such a glamourpuss

Sing of Singature Style said...

Very elegant, love that cape.

Laura said...

Soooooo Prettty!!!!!!! Then again, you always are =) Loving the muted color pallet then the fur totally kicks it up a notch! You are blessed with many wonderful gifts from your gramma =)

Style4Curves said...


Anonymous said...

Love this color combo!

Melissa said...

Great combo you look greattttt!!! Loving it. The pinkish and brownish color "mix" well ;)

grownandcurvywoman said...

You are rocking that fur cape! Love your confidence!


If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Do you EVER take a bad picture?!!? GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

that cape so regal!

Shanna said...

FANTASTIC CAPE!!wowza! you look good in it too Kiah :)

TheProDiva said...

I LOVE the fur cape!

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! And that fur cape is to DIE FOR!!!




Anonymous said...

I love it, you look fabulous as always!!


Gillie said...

You look gorgeous, and your accessories are so perfect! Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at http://grassettagillie.blogspot.com, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

xo Gillie

Jaci said...

Makayla!!! You have such an eye sweet girl!! And Kiah you look pretty as ever! What a team! :-)

mispapelicos said...

You are in my post today as one of my favourite January looks

welldressedmaker said...

That fur cape is just gorgeous. Gorgeous, Kiah.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Sincerely Mally said...

Paisley colors looks great on you! Very pretty! :)

Style Chic 360 said...

Love love the goodies from your GMa!
Love the fur with the pink! So unexpected. :)

Alizée said...

This pastel pant is so in!! With your shoes i love this outfit!

Bisous, Lizzie