When I think of New Year's, I think of fun sparkly things...sequins in particular! I know it's sometimes hard to come up with something to wear so I decided to do a post on what I would wear to a New Year's Eve party. I hope it inspires someone! ;-)

Did everyone have an awesome Christmas? I did! I got a new camera and a fabulous dress! I am currently with family in Arizona where I have already done a ton of shopping. I scored 3 vintage hats and a vintage fur cape in my Grandma's closet!! One of the Lane Bryant's here is closing and they had everything marked down with an additional 60% off. Needless to say, I will be rocking a lot of LB in posts to come. I can't wait to show you all what I have found!

Dress - Vintage
Fur Stole - ASOS
Clutch - ASOS
Shoes - Modern Vintage

With Love,


Ticka said…
Yes! When I think of NYE it's most def shiny/sparkly. You accomplished that, and took it to the next level with the stole. You look FAB!

I'm glad you're hanging with family and getting some shopping in!
You NAILED THIS!!!!!!!! Looking so fierce!!!!!!
Style & Poise said…
That dress is the bomb.com!!! You look great!!!

Oooh lawd chile, this dress is FIRE!!! I think you were a model in your past life, because you make it look too easy lol! *pose for the camera now click, click* LOL
Enjoy your time in Arizona and have a safe trip back hun!
Amarachi said…
I love the dress!.. Especially with the fur stole. This gives me an idea of what to wear for new years :)
W O W!!! That dress is AMAZING and your rockin' that stole girl! Absolutely FIERCE! I LOVE it!


wow, that dress is too gorgeous! i'm so jealous! you look great kiah! you're gonna be slayin 'em on New Years! I'm always in church on New Years and I'm rockin' sequins too! can't wait!
that dress is vintage? it is the most awesome amazing dress ever! and what i love so much about it is the fact that it has a perfect shape, the length is gorgeous and i love the sleeves! oh girl can please send that dress over here!
mispapelicos said…
That dress is the best ever, ahhhhhhhhhhh and with the touch of the blue fur: PERFECTION.
You are the best, my dear Kiah.
Unknown said…
Arrr !! You look HOT Kiah... amazingly perfect.. love this celebration look.... :D
Unknown said…
I love your dress! I wish I could find something similar, it's perfection! Enjoy your NYE :)
Lydia Armstrong said…
I love this dress!! Sequins are my favorite. And it looks amazing with the fur stole.
Style4Curves said…
omgggggggggggggg Kia u look soooo sooo sooo beautiful on this dress!!!!!! LOVE everything about this look I need that clutch in my lifeee
Unknown said…
love that dress, I have been trying to score something shiny or sparkly for new years with no success. When you are done with that dress send it to me loool, fab Kiah as always.
you better WERRKK!!! i love it ALL!! the dress is hotttt!!

Savannah said…
I loveeeeeeeeeeee that dress! You look fab!

WOW!! SO STUNNING! That dress is amazing and fits like a GLOVE!
Prissy said…
That dress is amazeballs!!! You look fantastic

Laura said…
AHHHHH I LOVE this dress it's a fabulous party dress!!!!! I'm so lad you're having such a fun time with your family =)
BukiBelle said…
I love, love, love that dress!!! Gorgeous!
Nice dress Kiah, hope u and ur family had a good xmas !!! kiss
LA Lynn's said…
Kiahhhhhh!!!!! U R killing me softly... this is def inspiration!!!!
Unknown said…
Love the outfit! I hope you had a good Christmas celebration with friends and family and I wish you a Happy New Year! I look forward to your LB posts - I love LB clothes!
Fredetta said…
what a hot dress! love this look & happy new year :)
perfect fit and length on this dress, pretty.

Just Daisy said…
This has made my top favorite Kiah outfits!

the sequins and the blue fur is to die for you.

you are absolutely fab and fierce

Anonymous said…
Love, love, love it. You look fabulous!!

Vivi N. said…
Very pretty dress, Kiah! Liked how your paired it with the neon blue faux fur. Get it!

Happy New Years! One of my blogging highlights of 2011 was becoming your e-friend. :o) Wishing you the best in 2012.
LV said…
Cute dress! I love the clutch too! I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas:-)

Tammie S. said…
Sophistocated and sexy...I like it!
Anonymous said…
Very AWESOME You!!
mispapelicos said…
HAPPY NEW YEAR,my dear Kiah.
I hope this 2012 all your dreams brecome true.
Thank you for being my blogger friend
Chic Therapy said…
love love that dress
Candace said…
Love the sequins and am SOOO jealous that your grandma was savvy enough to save her vintage pieces to pass down to you! Get it girl! Happy New Year!
E. Louise said…
I think of Sparkly for NYE too!!! I love this dress!!!


E. Louise
Kiah, that is the most gorgeous festive dress ever! I love the multi-colored sequins and the shape of the details too! Your silhouette is perfect!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
REally liking this look on you girl!

Happy New Year!
Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl
Ola Dipo said…
KIAH! i loove! so so so fab!
Alissa said…
That is an amazing dress. Werk!
Fashion Pad said…
What a fab dress! I have that same clutch in metallic burgundy from Asos. It's so fierce!!!
Sincerely Mally said…
Happy New Year babe! I love the colorful sequins and fur! Lovely as always

Anne M Bray said…
SSSSSSimply SSSSSSSmashing!
Alela Sirah said…
How cute are you!!! Love this post!! Get it girl!!
Unknown said…
You look so fabulous girl!
Unknown said…
Hi Kiah!! We want new posts.. miss you :D
Jaci said…
Okay KIAH!! Love the sequins! You should check out my girls and their designers fashion show...over at my blog!! :-) Lizzy would be a good partner for you!
Moya2bean said…
You got to be kidding me. Girl, I just died....You look AMAZING! THAT DRESS IS A KILLER! I cant...lol!
Unknown said…
Absolutely Stunning!!!

<3 Marina
Unknown said…
I love this! It's kinda very STC!!!

Unknown said…
this dress is stunning on u dear now following w/my new blog