October 5, 2011


 Does this dress look familiar? Yep, I've worn it before! I decided to wear it to church on Sunday. The last time I wore this dress the pictures came out blurred and the lighting was bad so I decided to take some pics of it outside. I love the long black lines against this beautiful blue vintage dress so so much! 
Hope you like it too! 
p.s. the lace slip underneath is showing on purpose! lol

I will not be posting for the next few days because I am leaving for Georgia in the morning. My brother is getting married this weekend and my hubby is the wedding officiant/minister! This wedding is extra special because it is a wonderful story of overcoming tragedy. It proves that God can soften your heart to love again after something awful breaks your heart. My brother was married before and his wife died (in his arms) of cancer at the age of 27. Five years later...he has found love again! He and his previous wife had 2 children. This God sent wife-to-be has taken care of my niece and nephew as if they were her own. We are so happy for him! Ok, I'm getting ready to cry now. Anywho, I'll be in Georgia all weekend but if time allows, I will take some pics of what I wear to the wedding.

With Love,


laura said...

Congratulations to your brother and his new wife! That is a lovely story of their relationship :)

I really love black and blue as a color combination, and I really like the way you've added these black accessories to make this dress look different from how you've worn in before. The lace peeking out at the hem is soooo foxy. With those boots you are unstoppable!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love the lace at the bottom. You look great in this dress. The color is beautiful on you.

Prissy said...

Love this dress! I also love how you edged it up with the boots! Cute!

That is so sad, yet inspiring.


Literal Gemini said...

I love love LOVE the lace at the bottom. I love your eclectic style. I love how you mix patterns and textures and really work those vintage pieces into your wardrobe. Bravo.


Sing said...

Love this, the stripes, the color, length, very nice.

Style & Poise said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love this dress Kiah! I have a similiar one saved in my favorites on etsy. You are wearing this look and I love the peeking of the lace slip...super fab girl!


Laura said...

Your brother and his soon-to-be wife have such an amazing story(When God writes it, it is far better than anything imaginable... from ashes comes beauty.)

Loving your dress! That shade of blue looks so good on you! The tough boots add such a nice touch! It is inspiring to see you re-wear and post because we definitely don't have unlimited wardrobes or funds so we gotta re-wear.

I'll be praying for safe travels Kiah =)

Cherrie J. said...

Such a touching story! God really does take care of his children. I'm sorry for your brother's/niece/nephew's loss, but Im happy that God provided your brother with a new companion, and your niece and nephew with a new "mother".

I love the creativity in allowing your slip to show! Soo cute.

Have a safe trip to Georgia.


If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

So gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Gracey said...

Oh, congratulations to your brother!! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourselves!!!

Ms. Givens said...

Kiah, I am so happy for your brother.
I love Georgia! It's where I'd like to retire.
Love the outfit!
Have a safe trip.

sacramento said...

I have never seen this dress before, and I find it so glorious on you.
I am so glad for your brother, and for the whole family.

REBEQUITA ROSE : Rebequita Rose´s XL Fashion Blog (In English and Español) said...

Awww, congrats to your brother! I hope this marriage lasts forever :) I'm wondering the bow on the neck is part of the dress, or if you are wearing a blouse underneath... Are you?


Savannah said...

Aww congrats to your brother!

I love the bow and the blue with the black! Have a safe trip!


The Dumpy Duchess said...

I love this beautiful dress! you look gorgeous in it! and I love the pop of the slip underneath! how smart!

'Tia said...

Congrats to your brother!!! Loving the boots!!!


7eventh Letter said...

Oh wow! Your brother's story is so touching. Congratulations to him. I love that dress!!! Super cute!

7eventh Letter

Ylenia said...

Firts, this dress is so beautiful!
it fits you perfectly and the belt is a nice touch.

second, congratulation to your brother, I am so happy for him! Please show us the pictures of the wedding (especially the bride) and your outfit :-)

Baci, Ylenia | Longuette

Alela Sirah said...

I LOVE YOU BLOG!! I am following you!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

what another smashing dress, i love love the little lace part so much! and you did it again with the belt! i have trousers with the same print! love the bright blue

Teresa said...

I call this secretary chic! Love the stripes and the bright blue!


CMA said...

so awesome!

anorexicescapades.com said...

10's all across the board!

Chic Therapy said...


Jayla said...

That is so great for your brother! I am loving that dress. I got a similar style dress from ASOS-the navy one. We will be taking family portraits soon and that is what I will be wearing. I love stripes on you!
Check out my new jeff campbells!


QueenDiva said...

Wearing a slip down on purpose... man you are a true genius... I swear :)

Moya2bean said...

I love stories of love...its amazing..
You look great in stripes!!! I love the blue as well...
and that little hint of lace...
perfection, just like you!
Being a mom is pretty interesting by the way..im trying to get my baby on a schedule...shes always killing me at night! lol! we shall see how it goes...any mommy advice???
Luv u Kiah, mwah!

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Congratulations to your brother sweet lady and have fun at the wedding. Loving what you did with the dress and the extra detail on the bottom...genius.

<3 Marina

7eventh Letter said...

Hey Kiah!

Stop by my blog, there is an award waiting for you girl.

7eventh Letter

Dr. Reginia said...

I am such a fan of your poses. You bring such life to every photo. Love the striped dress and the bun, Reginia loves high buns.

CHULALA said...

you posted some amazing
pictures and great post n blog bdw come by n check awt my fashion blog n lets follow each other lyk twitter :)


Shannon said...

What a beautiful wedding story! And I love this dress. The blue color is brilliant and I love how the stripes go vertically instead of the usual horizontal stripes. I've missed seeing your outfits, I'll have to check out the ones I missed while I was away!


Miesha Roshawn said...

What a blessing! Loving the look..as usual!

Just Daisy said...

Wow, Kiah I am extremely happy for your brothers.

I wish him peace and blessings in his new found love with his new wife <3

I love the stripes and the black boots. Your looking spectacular honey


KeriLove Jewels said...

Very nice hun, everything is paired together nicely. You are sporting my favorite hairdo right now...the high bun :)


EEK YOU ARE SO FIERCE (AS ALWAYS!). I love this dress - the lines are super interesting. And the COLOUR. Amazing! Reminds me of the ocean!

AND EEK SO BEAUTIFUL. Congrats to your brother! :)


Fabrizia said...

First of all congrats to your brother and his wife!You look so pretty in these photos! I like your style!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???

Vivi said...

Congratulations to your brother! I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful.

Also beautiful, your dress! Love it. Loving the lace detail at the bottom.

Vivi said...

Congratulations to your brother! I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful.

Also beautiful, your dress! Love it. Loving the lace detail at the bottom.

J'Adore Fashion said...

Congrats to you brother! Love great stories!

You look fabulous in blue and black!


sacramento said...

For more in depth about klout go to Gritand glamour. She is the one who wrote the article. I have just made it easier to understand.
Thank you my dear friend.


i luv everything about this look!!!! u better work it grl ............ , and thanks for all the kindness u show on my blog xoxoxoxo

LA Lynn's said...

U betta WERK!!!! Congrats to your brother & his wife!!!! And, ummm what's all this GA TALK!!!! Honey, you know u should have called me I would have met u half way!!!!


HeyDahye said...

This is so beautifully bold. Great pattern.


thick mama chick said...

Kiah!!! LOVE this dress? We should do a trade, after I wear my dress!! I have a dress similar style different print...black with paisley style white print on it!!! :)
congrats to your brother and you look way stylish as always!!!

thick mama chick said...


Full Figured Diva said...

Congrats to your brother...and me likey that dress! Lovely pattern and color.