A trench coat is the perfect fashionable option on a cool day. To be honest, I purchased this coat for spring and totally forgot about it. I found it tucked away in my closet this weekend so I decided to "rock" it. I love the gold buttons, the double-breasted design and the cute tiered ruffle around the bottom. I wore mine over a super short pair of shorts with tights. I think I will get a lot of use out of this puppy because it is very movable and comfy, unlike most stiff trenches. So tell you get trenchy wit it?

Trench - Calvin Klein
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita's

The next time I wear this, it will most def be with a hat!!

sidenote: I know I am posting a lot of outfits lately but I have decided that if I don't wear it today, I may not be able to wear it tomorrow! You only live once!! So if you love fashion then I suggest you get up, go into your closet, put together a fabulous outfit and "rock" it!! LIVE each day to its fullest!!
With Love,


Laura said…
You definitely gotta live each day to the fullest! Every day is a blessing so run with it and if you have the opportunity to serve the Lord do it!

I am loving this outfit too, you always look so cool Kiah! The shoes definitely take the cake, they rock!
I love you braids with the bangs - you look fabulous.

And I definitely get trenchy with it. It took me forever to find a trench that fit my long arms, but as soon as I did, I wore it everywhere. I imagine I'll be doing the same this fall!
"trenchy wit it!" I LOVE IT, Kiah!!! I had a really pretty trench once, but then it was so stiff and uncomfortable, unlike yours! so I had to give it away :( sooo envious! and I love your braids!
♥ laura

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simplychic said…
i love how you OWN your style. this is hot.

p.s. don't know the name of my polish in the timepiece post but its opi. might be dark cherry chutney or something like that.
You are so gorgeous!!! I love the coat!!!
YES YES YES! love the trench and I agree.. no saving outfits for me! Life is too short, hehe!
i must agree with @simplychic; the way you own your style is amazing. so confident and fierce...LOVE the jacket.

I absolutely LOVE those shoes! Super cute!!

Bad Joan said…
Love the trench!

Fredetta said…
Love the trench! Awesome outfit post :)
7eventh Letter said…
I am loving the trench! I agree, Life if too short to be saving clothes. LOL!

7eventh Letter
Joy said…
Lookin' good! Love the Jeffrey Campbells!
In the words of Lou Rawls..."you look REAL BAD and that is SO GOOD!"
mispapelicos said…
I don´t have a trench because for the weather here all I need is jackest over a blouse.
You look magnificent as ever, and I am glad you are posting as you feel. To me each and everyone of your outfit posts is a present and an inspiration, and these are not only words. You know that I only say what I feel and comes from my heart or I keep quiet.
yeah live each day to its fullest!!
Cute trench my dear bisous bisous
Prissy said…
Looking sexy, Miss Thang!!! And so pretty!

I dont own a trench, but I am def looking for one. I wanna wear mine just like this too!!

You look super chic in this trench. Those shoes are rockin'!
I don't have a trench although I would like to find just the right one. Maybe someday!
Very nice Trench. I love wearing them as part of the outfit.
Sick by Trend said…
amazing trench and those shoes... <3 you rocks! I'm following

Check my blog and follow me if you like :)

girl you always look awesome! that trench is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
What a great post title. :)
waoooooo the shoes and i love your trench :)
jijilovesyou said…
oh my! you sexy lil minx! your such a 'sex kitten' in this post. I LOVE IT!! also i'm 100% behind what you said about pulling together a fabulous outfit and rocking it.. i've always thought i need an occasion to wear something special and it ends up sitting in my closet ~ but now i see the light! lol
Audrey Leighton said…
love the shoes!!

Jadore-Fashion said…
Love your animal print lit as and how you paired it!

So chic!

Savannah said…
I love this! That trench is TOO CUTE. And I adore the shoes!

KNL said…
My Gosh total hotness! I love everything..and those shoes are gorgeous!!

Btw thank you for the lovely comments and for wishing me well :)
betty boop said…
luv the way u r rocking this coat!!!!!!
Oooh Get it gurl!!! I love this outfit and I am feelin' those shoes for real!!! Hawt!!!
The Annachrist said…
damn woman, this is too sexy!! ;)
laniza said…
You better werk! Your legs look miles long!
whoot whoot!!! I'm wore my trench out for the first time in ages the other day! I love this outfit with your fab heels babe! :)
Anonymous said…
yes yes yes! I just did a Trench Post!
Unknown said…
Looking fabulous and hello lita's. LOVE IT

<3 Marina
Miesha Roshawn said…
OMG Kiah now I need a trench!
Just Daisy said…

Kiah, this outfit is so fierce and 70's fun!

I love the trench coats those litas and uhm yesss those braided pig tails haha

you are so adorable and fashionable missy!

LA Lynn's said…
Fashionably Fierce!!!!!
Kelsey* said…
Kiah, I LOVE your hair in this post! It looks so perfect with that outfit!
janelle said…
i'm new to the blog & love your style. but this is by far my favorite ensemble. it's sexy, flashy, chic, and quirky all at the same time. can't wait to check out more of the blog!
Grazziella said…

Grazziella said…
OMG !! I want to thank you for that perfectly sweet amazing comment, I don't know what to say but THANK YOU, that mean alot to me, really