September 11, 2011


This weekend I took my daughter to her first Pow Wow. She had a blast! Here are some pics. Warning...this post is very picture and word heavy. Please read it all. I pray it blesses you. Kiah

 Fancy Dancers

 Indian Fry Bread
 Beautiful handmade jewelry
 Kayla and National Fancy Dance Champ Willy Boy
 What I wore

Sunday Words of Encouragement...

"...for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances"
Philippians 4:11b (NIV)

Have you ever noticed how overextending yourself tends to bring unwanted pressure into your life? I think we tend to busy ourselves in order to gain more, find acceptance among peers, land a better position, and gain riches of all kinds. Perhaps we live under the illusion that having such riches is what makes a person complete, content, and deliriously happy. Yet, when we discover that's not the case, we're left feeling empty and discontent.

Contentment and security are not found in career titles or in the kind of car we own. The logo on our car only tells others what kind of car we drive — not who we are. True satisfaction, in its purest form, is found in the wealth of who God is and the riches He graciously lavishes upon us.

Recently God's been showing me that when I constantly want more than He has given me, it reflects a heart that is discontent. What I'm saying to God is, "I'm not satisfied with what You have provided for me. I want more." In wanting more, I place undo pressure on myself in an attempt to get what God hasn't provided. Naturally, anxiety is the result when I focus on things other than God and His will for my life.

The pressure to have more and do more can lead us down paths we never intended. In our attempt to fill the vacuum of our empty souls, we discover that external luxury is only a cheap substitution for spiritual wholeness. As our key verse points out, Paul knew the secret of finding contentment. "...for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."

Take note that Paul wrote these words in a high stress situation as he sat in jail awaiting a verdict for a crime he didn't commit. I don't know if I could find contentment if I were in his sandals. I would probably strum my wooden cage with a rock singing pitifully, "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows my sorrow." Finding contentment doesn't mean we have to like our current situation, but it may require an appreciation for it. Let me explain.

Paul learned that the fruit of contentment is developed when we are thankful for what God has provided whether we like it or not. That's because peace isn't the absence of pressure. It's the presence of God and our attitude toward His provision in the midst of our stress. By expressing gratitude, Paul experienced richness of being, not having.

I realize you may be in a hard place right now and you're longing for freedom. Maybe you're in a job that feels like a dead end; perhaps you have two of them! It may be that you live in a space too small for your family and you hate it. You're not where you planned or hoped to be and you certainly don't like it.

The truth is, we don't have to like where we are or what we have, but if we will choose to thank God for His provisions regardless of our feelings toward them, we'll experience the same contentment Paul encountered.

We must understand that being thankful doesn't mean that God will eventually remove us from our situation. He may; He may not. Rather, being appreciative sets us free from the desire to have and lets us rest in the riches of contentment. And when we reach a place of contentment, we don't need earthly riches galore. God becomes our greatest treasure. In Him, we have everything we need.

Dear Lord, things could always be worse. I'm grateful for what You've provided for me. Fill me with Your peace so that I may be truly content in Your blessings. In Jesus' Name, Amen. 

A song I wish to share
Fred Hammond - Thank You (I Won't Complain)


Style & Poise said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!! Another blessed word from God...thanks for sharing this Kiah! I was very blessed today at church and this right here has filled my heart up even more...keep spreading the word because it truly touched my heart!

Now on to the "pow wow".....the costumes are so gorgeous and all that jewlerey..I know you purchased! You look so cute with your laid back look!


If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

AMEN!!!! This made me smile!

And as for the pow look amazing!!! and the jewelry is AMAZING!! Also look at those costumes!!

Laura said...

AMEN!!! It's amazing how God works! I was just thinking about contentment and how I need to be thankful for what I have and keep my eyes on Jesus not on all the stuff of this world and I do think that, that was one of the reasons why I was in a funk, I wasn't content and I had my eyes on the things of this world in a sense I was sinking like Peter did when He walked on the water then took his eyes off Jesus.

On to the pow wow! It brings me back to the long gone days of watching Reading Rainbow and the episodes where they would take you to pow wows... Anyway to be there in real life looks like such sweet awesome fun!!!!! The colors, costumes and details are sooooooooo AMAZING!!!!

Nic said...

as tears well up in my eyes, i must say thanks so much for sharing. i shared a post the other week about a blogger who inspired me with her words of wisdom and you do the same. you're right on time with this message and bc i read it, i am blessed. thanks kiah and keep on allowing God to use you.


Thick Threads said...

I love pow wows, i miss them, i grew up in SLC, UT (live in europe now) where i used to go watch pow wows with my native friends and their families, it was amazing. thanks for sharing this post.


LOVEOFMYLIFE1924 said...

Kiah, this post blessed me. As soon as I read the line, maybe your are in a job....or live in a home to small...Thank You JESUS for this message. This has totally lit a fire under me to LEARN to be content with my circumstances, God will make a way, HE always does! Take care lady and thanks for sharing.

Maisha said...

All I can say is...AMEN!!

dressingup-everyday said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful and true words!.Amen.

Full Figured Diva said...

O M G Kiah!! This message was right on time for me! Thank you for sharing! You are truly an inspiration to sooo many of us! Love ya girl!


E. Louise said...

God is BETTER that good!!! Love the inspiration, it lets other people know that they are not alone in how they are feeling..=)

E. Louise

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!! our holy father is soooo good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kiah I like a lot your overknees boots,kissss

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Beautiful photos of the pow wow.
Don't you just love fry bread? I like it best with powdered sugar on it. Very,very good.

Just Daisy said...

Awwwww I've always wanted to attend a POW WOW, their so colorful, vibrant, and rich in spirit. I'm going try my best to make my way to one sometime in the near future, your daughter is so beautiful :)

P.S. That outfit is so cool and cute love that shirt and the cut of your denim vest

Thanks for sharing such great words and music Kiah!


Shruti said...

Thank you for the wonderful things you just shared. You are indeed contended with what you have and that makes you all the more beautiful Kiah. Reading it early in the morning made my day! Your daughter is adorable just like her name. Nice outfit btw

OceanBaby said...

Omg...thank you for posting this. I have been having the same feelings about ny I finally felt at piece and now your post. Thank you so much. Ps you look fab once again.

LA Lynn's said...

Wow... this is confirmation for me and you just don't know how much I needed to READ this!!!! Thank you for sharing...

So, now that you made me catch the Holy Ghost!!!! I'm over here doing a Indian Dance looking like I'm at the POW WOW!!!!! Awesome photo's... wishing I could experience a POW WOW & you and your daughter look great!!!!

legsnshoes said...

simply, Thank you.

NRC♥ said...

Love it Kiah, wow!


jijilovesyou said...

i've never seen a pow wow before! what a glorious day! gorgeous colours just uplift my spirit.
thanks for sharing kiah!

Joy said...

Looks like a great and beautifully spiritual event. Love your denim vest and over the knee boots.

Hope you're well, Kiah. :)

Joy to the World

Moya2bean said...

This looked so amazing, your daughter looks like she had a blast. I would love to go to a pow wow, Im sure the jewelry is beautiful. You look hot! And there you go rocking that red lipstick! Looking even more!!!
Love u Kiah! I missed ur blog so much

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i always get the same message from my hubby! when is start feeling less content, he is always saying: girl, we are happy and we have everything we want... he is so right!!! it is one of my flaws to forget that! gorgeous post girl!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Thanks for sharing! Great words! Lovely pictures and your daughter is so cute!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

This looks like such a fun day!

Gracey said...

Wonderful post, Kiah. Thank you for sharing both the words and the pictures.

KeriLove Jewels said...

This looked like alot of fun , I'm sure your daughter enjoyed it. I'm feeling hungry now after seeing that bread lol.

Reggie said...

Nice post.

Happiness is a state of mind.

A Certain Vintage said...

this post really spoke to me and what I'm going through at the minute, thank you for writing this so beautifully and showing me the goodness of your heart and soul.
I love the pow wow pictures, I finished a novel the other week called 'Grass Dancer' and I didn't know anything about pow wows so it's funny to now see it on your blog :)
best wishes, xox

The Dumpy Duchess said...

what a wonderful post! thank you for sharing your life with us. that is true inspiration!

Shana said...

How great is this...I love the inspiring girly...Did you get any jewelry? Thank you for sharing!

Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

Marissa said...

thank you so much for posting this...definitely needed to read and gave me something to think about!

as for the pow wow, it looks like it was a lot of fun, glad your daughter was able to experience it.

peace and blessings,


Koltunovskaya said...

I like the dancers costumes!

LinaB said...

Just wondering how you discuss race with your daughter knowing that the Nation has decided to "oust" "betray" the AA mixed Indians?

I have a native mother & aa Father and no white person has ever been as racist to me as another native has.


Hello LinaB. What a great topic. "RACISM". When I was growing up I did experience some "same race" racism with my Native peeps, but in their defense, they did not know any better. I believe that racism is taught. Well, so is anti-racism! My mother and father always did well in making me think that I was beautiful and unique and I do the same with my daughter. I teach my daugher that no human is any less than the other and that we all have feelings and most importantly, I teach the love of God. God created the universe, this world and everyone in it. People exist in their variety because God designed it that way. I tell my daughter that she is God's creation so anyone that has a problem with her race then they need to take it up with God! Hate and intolerance only beget more hate and intolerance. As parents we need to introduce other cultures to our children. Take them to the museum. Take them to ethnic restaurants. This way they are not left to come up with ideas about other cultures on their own. You are to set the example of anti-racism. You can't sit up in front of your children and talk negatively about other races and expect them not to pick that up. I believe this is a huge issue on the "REZ". They have not been introduced to other races so they uneducated about them. I am not ignorant to the fact that my multi-racial daughter (Black, Native and Puerto Rican) will be the victim of a racist taunt or gesture, but I am very confident in the fact that because of what I have taught her she will be not be helpless in these situations because I have taught her self-love! Thank you for your comment. Kiah

Vivi said...

That was a beautiful message. Thank you for taking your time out to write such encouraging words. You didn't have to but you did. I'm sure it touched those that needed to see it.

Meanwhile, lovelovelove your look! Great photos of the event.

Inez| Style Chic 360 said...

I read this when you first posted but didn't have time to respond!

You are definitely right Kiah, thank you for posting these "words sent from God" You never know who they will bless.