March 24, 2011


 Blazer - Thrifted
Teal Shirt - Lane Bryant
Purple Skirt - Thrifted
Orange Cropped Sweater - I took a Tommy Hilfiger sweater that was too large, cut it at the waist and then cut off the sleeves to make a cropped vest
Platform Pumps - Tory Burch
Watch - Michael Kors
Gem Panther Bracelet - F21
Straw Handbag - Vintage
Sunnies - Kenneth Cole

With Love,


###### said...

DIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. And I am a huge MK Watch girl....I have a gold one that I loveth for life.

Joy said...

Wow, snazzy! Gold MK watch AND some super classic Tory Burch's. I can't tell from the photo, is the watch rose gold?

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!You did a great colorblock!!!You have layered your clothes in the right way! Good job honey!

JTWisdom said...

Hi Girl,

I am fine. Thank you. Getting ready to go on a seven day cruise to the Bahamas.
Those colors look beautiful on you. I love the sparkles in your bracelet and that watch. I really like watches like that. I love how you put those colors together with your bag.

You go girl! Love it!


Kileen said...

i love the inspired Gucci colors on you!! those Tory Burch shoes also look amazing on you!

cute & little
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Rez to the City said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. @Joy - it is yellow gold. My mother in law has a rose gold one and I love it too! :-)

Laura said...

Wow you color block so well. I've been dying to color block and I really really love this! You look amazing Kaih!

Anika said...

Hi, you look lovely! It is so fun, I just did a similar post on colourblocking, would love for you to come check it out :)

am following you sweetheart!

xx Anika

Ola Dipo said...

you are one bold, sexy mama! that combo is stunning...very well done

Unknown said...

Love those colors, love Tory Burch shoes too and Michael Kors watch :)))

Juanette said...

ummmmm...can I have that bag? Pretty please? With sugar on top?!? I NEED it!!!!! So fab, love the color combo...

Tiffany said...

loveee the colors!!!

Unknown said...

i really do love this!!! it is soooo creative and chic!! you are a star!