March 15, 2011


Hey Y'all!! I have been blogging for 4 months now! I can't believe how much work and time goes into this! WHEW! I feel like such a late bloomer because this is all so new to me and I see that some of you have been doing this for years! I work full time and I am a wife and mother. Let me tell you.. this gets hard to keep up with sometimes. So far...I LOVE IT! I get so excited when I see a comment or a new follower. It just makes my day! haha I also love to see what my fellow fashionista are wearing. So much fun! I feel like we are all one big cyber family! lol I wanted to share with you all of my favorite outfits that I have posted on my blog thus far. Thank you all for your support. Smooches! Kiah


Full Figured Diva said...

Oooo..Happy 4 month anniversary doll!! I absolutely LOVE your BLOG...and I am diggin all of your pics..especially that very 1st pic! #Winning


Laura said...

Happy four months =) You are so pretty!!!! I love your about me because you gotta use what you got(closet-wise) and work with the body you have. Your black shirt dress is perfect, the best basic ever!!!I absolutely love your style!


Thank you both so much! You are too kind and I really appreciate your support! Laura - The skirt in your pic up there is too flippin cute!
Meyesha (spelling) - I love your are one hot momma!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love your strips, leopard flats...great photos and outfits!


Sofi Stellar said...

Nice outfits. I love the stripes and the fur. Very cool.

Congrats on 4 months of blogging! Don't worry, I'm a late bloomer too, it's also my 4th month!
Keep up the good work!

Savannah said...

Congrats on 4 months! We really are a big, blogging, fashion family! It will be one year for me in June, it goes by so fast! I started my blog last year when school got out and now I don't remember life pre-blogging! Hehe, not really(:

Anyways, love all the outfits (especially the first one, veryyyyy pretty!)


Household Executive said...

love the picture montage!

JTWisdom said...

Happy 4 month anniversary. You are doing in awesome job. You are very gorgeous and you wear and style your clothes well.
Glad I found your blog.