February 3, 2011


Hey Y'all,
It sho is COLD here in Dallas these days!! :-) We have had a week of temps in the 20's and below (burrrrrrrrrr). Due to the weather, I have not really worn anything worth posting...just wearing things to try and stay warm...not to look cute! haha I decided to post my outfit today because I have rec'd a couple of compliments. To all my Dallas peeps...stay warm!! The red shirt underneath is from LB, the dress is Ralph Lauren and the boots are LB. btw - this bun has become my new hair "do". Tell me what you think of it. Please scroll down and look at my previous posts...I'm not seeing many comments y'all!! ;-)


Household Executive said...

Loved this one! The boots topped it off!!! And I love how you rock those bright lipstick shades. I'd look like a straight up hooker. You on the other hand...nothing but class! Muah!

QCEVO said...

Agreed, the red lipstick is awesome.

Savannah said...

Love the boots and the lipstick looks amazing on you!
By the way, your comment on my blog really touched me. Thank you so much♥ Do you mind if I do a featured follower type of post about your blog?



Thank you all and Savannah...are you kidding me??!! Of course I wouldn't mind that would be great but thank you for checking in with me 1st. You are just too cute!

Savannah said...

Alright, I'll do it sometime this week!
And I think my mom and I are going to F21 sometime soon, so if I see the (blue studs were the ones you liked right?) I'll pick them up for you!


Carma said...

My first time on your blog. I like the way you styled your top. Look s sleek=)