December 12, 2010


Hey Y'all - Today I decided to just hang around the house and clean up a bit but later decided to take a trip to Buffalo Exchange where I ran into a co-worker. It was too funny! My daughter (who is only 9) took the pics. She did a great job (we have to work on using ZOOM)! Hope you like...btw - I got a new camera (thanks hubby) so the clarity of the pics should be much better and they are larger too! Please leave comments. Thanks!
 Jeans - Vintage Tommy Hilfiger (I cuffed them)
White Shirt w/attached pocketed gray vest - Marshall's
Black Toggle button peacoat - Target last season
Booties - Sofft with gray leg warmers from Payless


QCEVO said...

I'm a thrifty gal and love that you are getting these looks on a budget.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE "Buffalo Exchange!" I thought Portland, Oregon was the only city that had it. Incidentally, I love these looks on you and my grand-daughter will make an AWESOME photographer someday!!

Much Love,

Noel said...

OMG BOO! You just gave me 20 ideas on how I'm dressing this week!! Love the peacoat with the cap! Fierce Lady! FIERCE!

The Editor said...

This is perfect. Nuff said.