Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey Dolls,
I recently became a member of 9thandElm, a website that brings its members fabulous items from the best handmade and independent designers. 

With my 1st order I received these amazing Spike Chandelier Earrings in Sunset Red and Cobalt from designer VantJag and this awesome Set of 4 Thin and Thick Wide Gold Band Rings from designer C&C Collection.

The items got to me within a week and the quality of both were great! I love the fact that these items are from independent designers because that means they are rare. I pride myself on being unique so I like to have a few rare gems in my collection. 

Membership is free so go join 9thandElm now!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hey Dolls, 
I've had this skirt for a while but since I never got around to wearing it, I decided to put it up for sale.
Then, while looking for something to wear the other day, I came across this grey embellished sweatshirt and what was on the hanger right next to it? This fabulous skirt!
I'm certain it was not by chance but by the will of the fashion gods! I immediately removed the skirt from my sale!
Playful grey kitties prance along the trim of the black mesh panel.

Embellished Sweatshirt: JCPenny
Kitty Print Skirt: Eshakti (sold out)
Black Suede Pumps: Dillard's (old)
Earrings: Old Navy (only available in-stores)
Bracelet: Vintage
Watch: Anne Klein (old)
Sunnies: Target (sold out)
With LOVE,

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hey Dolls, 
I'm in LOVE with this convertible maxi dress from SwakDesigns! There are countless ways to rock it and Swak has a step-by-step video to show you how to achieve the numerous styles. I'm wearing the "Maggie" and "Gretta" styles in this post (Maggie is the skirt and Gretta is the dress). 

**warning...being that I felt so gone with the wind fabulous...this post is picture heavy**

 Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress: SWAK
Denim Shirt: Old
Neon Sandals: Asos
Neon Bag: Local Boutique in Dallas
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: 9thandelm
Tattoo: Courtesy of Young and Stupid

I want to thank my sweet baby girl Makayla for helping me wrap this dress. She's also my photographer! 

With Love,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey Dolls,  
Who doesn't want a beautiful bright white smile? I mean come on...we envy the smiles of people with ridiculously white teeth. Why? Because it's attractive! Teeth whitening has become the most requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry today. $15 billion was spent by Americans for whitening procedures in 2010!
There are many causes of tooth discoloration. Medication, age, coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, etc. It doesn't matter how your teeth became discolored - the great news is - they don't have to stay that way. Smile Brilliant offers professional strength teeth whitening without ever visiting a dentist! Their lab creates custom-fitted bleaching trays and professional strength bleaching gel. 
I was able to try the teeth whitening trays and can honestly say that it really works! Here's what you get in the kit.

·         Teeth Whitening Trays – 2 Custom-fitted whitening trays (upper and lower teeth)
·         Carrying Case – Compact case holds both your whitening trays
·         Impression material to make your own dental impressions (plus extra material included)
·         3-Way, pre-paid postage – all postage between you and the lab is covered (2-way for international orders)
·         1 set of custom dental models – created by our lab technicians from your impressions
·         Professional teeth whitening gel – Dentist-strength 22% Carbamide Peroxide in 3ml syringes.
·         2 year teeth whitening tray replacement warranty
·         Detailed instructional brochure – Simple guide to creating your custom-fitted teeth whitening trays
·         30 day satisfaction guarantee! 

Below are my before and after pictures (unfiltered).

This was after only one treatment!!! I have very sensitive teeth so I started with the desensitizing gel for 30 minutes and then used the whitening gel for 2.5 hours. An hour after removing the trays I did notice some sensitivity but it was very light (some tingling). I've decided to wait a few days before using it again just to allow my teeth a break between treatments. I can't image how white my teeth will be after the second treatment!  

Smile Brilliant is so confident you will be happy with their professional system, that they offer an industry leading money back guarantee. 

You can also see a step-by-step YouTube product review here

With Love,
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